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Episode 2.19 - 'Blood Money'

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Episode 2.19 - 'Blood Money'

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Qua 10 Fev 2010, 6:54 pm

Clique na barra spoiler para ler a sinopse.

Jane deliberadamente tem problemas no tribunal - sem trocadilhos - quando ele tenta provar que Ada Marc Odenthal é culpada pela contratação do assassino de aluguel Cale Sweeney para matar uma rival...

[ASISTANT D.A. MARC ODENTHAL] 40s.. cerebral, ambitious, likeable, this ADA is professional and experienced, and is prepared to take over the prosecution of mobster Hank Draber after the original DA on the case, Kelly Flowers, is murdered. Not a fan of Jane's "craziness," Odenthal appears furious when he realizes that one of Jane's shenanigans has cost him the trial of hit man Cale Sweeney, who murdered Flowers...GUEST STAR (6)

[CALE SWEENEY] 35-45.. posing as a general contractor by day, he is a cold stone sociopath hit man who enjoys his work and is quite proud of it. Hired to murder ADA Kelly Flowers, Sweeney is calm and smug during his trial, but ultimately winds up killed by the person who hired him...GUEST STAR (1)

[JUDGE FRANKLIN T. HILDRED] 50s-early 60s, mean, skinny, known as "Judge Dread" to those unfortunate enough to appear before him, Judge Hildred presides over the trial of Cale Sweeney, during which he is frequently annoyed by Jane (who has a tendency to yell "I object" from the gallery where he is a spectator). Appalled when Jane interrupts one of Odenthal's trials, he later presides at Jane's own informal hearing, in which he has to give Jane some latitude since Jane is acting as his own attorney.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (21)

[HANK DRABER] 40s, a quiet menace, a mob leader from the docks from the biggest crime family on the West Coast, whose scheduled trial is postponed when the prosecutor, Kelly Flower, is murdered. Believed to be the guy who hired hit man Cale Sweeney to kill Flower, Draber politely speaks with Cho and Jane in the presence of his mother, Annabelle, who is suffering from dementia, and whose outbursts Draber apologizes for. Later, it's revealed by Jane that Hank is in terror of his mother, who is far from senile and is in fact running the whole show...GUEST STAR (7)

[JAYDEN FLOWER] 40s, African American, white collar, attractive, the heart-broken, shocked husband of the murdered Kelly Flower, he's questioned by the police (who naturally consider him a prime suspect) but though he admits that he and his wife were fighting, he didn't kill her. He's furious and shocked when Kelly's killer goes free because of Jane's unprofessionalism...GUEST STAR (5)

[ANNABELL DRABER] 65-75, an old lady in a wheelchair, Annabelle is the mother of gangster Hank Draber, whose trial for mob activity has been postponed due to the prosecutor's murder. Apparently senile, Annabelle is gleefully foul-mouthed and clearly enjoys putting cops and her son in their place. Eventually, it's revealed by Jane that Annabelle's dementia is all an act, and that she's the mastermind of the family...GUEST STAR (10)

[DEFENSE ATTORNEY DANA MUNN] Female, 30s, preferably Latin or Asian, hard-edged, Dana is the defense attorney for Cale Sweeney, who grills Lisbon on the stand and sums Jane up as "a charlatan who has made a mockery of our legal system on numerous occasions"...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (20)

[KELLY FLOWER] 30s, African American, attractive, smart, this assistant district attorney is found dead in her house, with a video of her last moments of terror immortalized on the killer's cell phone...1 line, 2 scenes (3)

[DEFENSE ATTORNEY] Male, 40s-50s, this defense attorney in the middle of a murder trial moves for a mistrial when Jane interrupts the proceedings...1 line, 1 scene (46) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

Source: SpoilerTV
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