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Episode 2.18 - 'Aingavite'

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Episode 2.18 - 'Aingavite'

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Qua 10 Fev 2010, 6:49 pm

Clique na barra spoiler para ler a sinopse.

A equipe da CBI se esforça para localizar Jane Doe, a única testemunha de um triplo assassinato....

[JANE DOE] Late 20s-early 30s.. attractive, disheveled, engaging, likeable, she is suffering from amnesia after surviving an attempted murder. Unable to remember her name, her occupation, her taste in coffee or the person who shot her, she's the sole living witness to a triple murder, and she's a helluva challenge to Jane, who uses every trick he knows to tease her memories back from the abyss. She is ultimately revealed to be local journalist Camille Dillon, shot and left for dead when she learned too much about a story she was investigating...GUEST LEAD (3)

[MARKHAM WILLIS] 40s, Native American, easy going. A born salesman who runs a dusty souvenir shop on the reservation. The employer of the recently-murdered Leonard Railton, Markham claims to have no idea about how Leonard got himself shot to death...GUEST STAR (29)

[RANGER HERB TISDALE] A congenial man in his 40s, not physically imposing, average sized, the granola type of forest ranger, not the big bear version. He guides Cho and Rigsby around the trails where the murder victims were last seen, but is hoping to avoid them coming across the marijuana farm that he is getting paid to protect...GUEST STAR (17)

[YVETTE BRINTON] Early-Mid 30s, straight brunette hair, well-dressed, with roots to the reservation, she is the parole officer for the late Leonard Railton. She can offer no clues that suggest why Leonard was murdered, but offers to give Jane and Lisbon a guided tour of the reservation where Leonard lived. Even though it looks that way, she's not trying to steer their investigation away from the truth...GUEST STAR (15)

[JOSEPH SILVERWING] 50s-60s... A silver-haired Native American man, he's the head of the tribal council on the Storm Creek Reservation. Taciturn when questioned by Jane and Lisbon, Silverwing clearly regards them as outsiders, and wants no part of the CBI investigation.sptv050769.. GUEST STAR (21)

[DERRIEN] Female, Mid 20s, lower class, a struggling single mom with a kind (if slightly wary) face, she's the girlfriend of one of the murder victims. She is questioned by Jane and Lisbon, and sadly but calmly discusses her amiable relationship with the victim...(42) VERY LARGE MULTI-DAY CO-STAR

[DOCTOR] Female, early-mid 30s, East Indian, she gives Jane and Lisbon a report on Jane Doe's amnesia...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (7)

[NATIVE AMERICAN TEENAGER] Male, 12-18, Native American. He refuses to talk to Patrick Jane -- until Jane bets him fifty dollars against his continued silence and wins...6 lines, 2 scenes. (23)

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