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Episode 2.17 - 'The Red Box'

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Episode 2.17 - 'The Red Box'

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Sex 22 Jan 2010, 2:26 am

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The murder of a tutor turns into the search for a priceless ring stolen from the British Museum; Lisbon frets when a new boss, Molly Hightower, takes command of the squad...

O assassinato de um tutor se transforma na busca por um anel de inestimável valor roubado do Museu Britânico, Lisbon se incomoda quando uma nova chefe, Molly Hightower, assume o comando do grupo...

[INSPECTOR SLOCOMBE] Male.. British, 50s, smart and sly. He is an Inspector from Scotland Yard who's on the trail of a priceless 1st century ring, stolen from the British Museum six years ago. He appears to have a profound personal interest in both catching James Smithson's killer and retrieving the ring...GUEST STAR (21) PLEASE SUBMIT BOTH NAME AND NON-NAME BRITISH ACTORS

[FRANK BANDINO] Mid-late 30s.. physically fit, an ex-cop, he owns a high end residential security business. He’s the type of guy’s guy that you’d want to have a beer with. Bandino is treated with casual contempt by Jane, who regards him as selling "an expensive alarm system and a false sense of security" to rich people...GUEST STAR (2)

[HOPPER BANKS] 45-55, Male.. wealthy and well-fed with artistic clothes and hair. A Philip Seymour Hoffman type. He is a successful photographer and owns his own gallery. Married to Jolene and the father of Lainie, he's horrified when James Smithson, the man renting his pool house and his daughter's live-in tutor, is shot in the head on his property. Very protective of his daughter, Hopper is a man with a rather short fuse and becomes irritated after becoming a suspect sptv050769...GUEST STAR (3)

[JOLENE BANKS] Mid-late 30s, sexy and stylish, Jolene is the wife of Hopper Banks and the mother of Lainie Banks -- Charlotte Gainsbourg in suburbia. Famous for being the sole subject of her husband Hopper's photography, Jolene is trying to hide the fact that she's stressed out by the murderous attack on James Smithson. She takes it in rather casual stride when Jane accuses her of having an affair with the dead man, while her husband grows increasingly enraged by Jane's accusations...GUEST STAR (Cool

[LOUIS ANGLET] 40s, physically fit, menacing and scary but not a thug, a hardened businessman, he is a black market operator who steals stolen goods to the Russian Mafia and to Saudi princes. An ultra-upscale fence, Anglet is on the track of the ring stolen by Smithson six years ago...GUEST STAR (42)

[ANGIE BLANKMAN] Mid-late 30s, Angie is an upscale and sexy soccer mom, nicely dressed and calm. She tries to conceal the fact that she had an affair with the murder victim. Desperate to preserve her marriage and evade suspicion, she quickly crumbles once Jane starts questioning her...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (13)

[LAINIE BANKS] 12 years old, she is the daughter of Hopper and Jolene Banks, and is the student of the late James Smithson. The girl who found his body, Lainie is still upset when she's gently questioned by Lisbon and Jane, and tears up during the tactful interrogation...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (Cool

[RON / AGENT] Male, late 20s-late 40s, “Ron” is a CBI agent who talks to a suspect then is later found unconscious in the men's room; “Agent” is a CBI agent who gives Cho an account of Ron's whereabouts...1 line, 2 scenes; 1 line, 1 scene respectively (27)

[JAMES SMITHSON] 25-29 years old, he is a very attractive ladies man but with slightly crooked teeth, from London. Found shot in the head, Smithson is revealed to be a crook with a phony name, a man deeply involved in the theft of a rare and priceless antiquity from the British lines, 3 scenes (2)

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