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Episode 2.16 - 'Code Red'

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Episode 2.16 - 'Code Red'

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Dom 10 Jan 2010, 5:44 pm

Clique na guia spoiler para ler a sinopse.

Bioweapons researcher JULIA SEBERG calls in Jane and Lisbon when she's given a lethal dose of airborne virus...

Pequisadora de Armas Biológicas Julia Seberg chama Jane e Lisbon quando ela recebe uma dose letal do vírus pelo ar...

[DR. JULIA SEBERG] 40-45... super intelligent, attractive, she is a bioweapons researcher who works at an ultra-high-tech government-sponsored facility in the Mojave Desert. An expert in creating antidotes to super-lethal toxins, she enters her laboratory, and finds she's been exposed to a deadly dose of cryptohansa virus, and has 2 - 6 hours to live. Married to Dr. Gram Edmunds, and the mother of college student Isabel, Julia tries to wrap up her business on earth in the dwindling minutes and seconds she has left...GUEST STAR (1)

[DON HARKEN] 50s, an agent with the Federal Disease Control Authority, an iron-willed man in a plain, crisp government suit, Harken is a straightforward, can-do, Tommy Lee Jones type of guy. He's a man who likes his hierarchy, especially if he's the big dog; his style of investigation is blunt, ham-handed and accusatory. He's tasked with stopping the spread of the cryptohansa virus, and repeatedly tries to establish control over Jane -- but Harken is a dogged, straight-line guy who's made uneasy by Jane's outside-the-box methods...GUEST STAR (2)

[DR. GRAM EDMUNDS] 40s, extremely handsome, intelligent, slightly shaggy type a la Jeff Daniels or William Hurt. He is another researcher at the bioweapons facility -- and he's Julia Seberg's husband as well. He and Julia have an open marriage and he claims to have no problem with the fact that his wife was having an affair with Dr. James Kaseem. But his casual, workaday attitude towards his wife's imminent death (and the revelation of his own prior affair with Dr. Judith Nash) makes him a prime suspect in Julia's murder...GUEST STAR (7)

[SCOTT PRICE] Late 30s - late 40s, the ultimate corporate guy who is more concerned with money than his staff. He manages security for the Zitek biosystems division, he comes under harsh scrutiny and possible imprisonment for covering up a faulty security system that ultimately leads to the death of one of the employees...GUEST STAR (6)

[DR. STEVE WELKS] 40s, he's another bioweapons researcher, a dry, efficient man. Apparently a rather dull science functionary, Welks does an expert job of blending in with the other guys-in-white-lab-coats but does something rather drastic to protect himself from getting caught in an illegal scheme ...GUEST STAR (2)

[DR. JUDITH NASH] Late 20s - early 30s, a mousy, quiet, quirky brainiac, and she’s also nuts. Judith is another of the researchers at the Zitek bioweapons facility in the desert. A quiet woman who tries to keep her head well under the radar, she becomes a prime suspect after her former affair with Gram Edmunds comes to light -- an affair that was just obsessive enough to land her in a mental institution...GUEST STAR (13)

[ISABEL] 19 years old, an artsy college student, she's the daughter of Julia Seberg and Gram Edmunds. Devastated but holding it in, Isabel exchanges last words with Julia, joking a little to ease the pain…ONE DAY GUEST STAR (17)

[GRETA SKYE] Late 30s - early 40s, very attractive, a science professor at a local university, she once had an affair with Gram Edmunds, and is closely questioned by Cho and Rigsby...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (36)

[PROFESSOR GREEN] 50s, male or female, a science professor and department head at Socal University, Green knew Seberg and Edmunds very well, and is questioned about their complex private lives...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (24) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[DR. FLORIAN ERIC TRIPP] In his 30s, an arrogant super-nerd, Dr. Tripp is another bioweapons researcher working for Zitek. The kind of smart guy who's too smart for his own good, he is easily outwitted by Jane -- to his flustered dismay...8 lines, 4 scenes; POSSIBLE ONE DAY GUEST STAR (13)

[DR. JAMES KASEEM] 30s, dark, suave and charming – preferably Middle Eastern or East Indian, Dr. Kaseem is another bioweapons researcher working for Zitek, and he's quickly exposed as the man who's been having an adulterous affair with Julia Seberg…4 lines, 3 scenes (Cool

[TECHNICIAN] 30s-50s, male. This FDCA technician is annoyed by Jane's disinterest in maintaining protocol...4 lines, 2 scenes (26) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[FDCA AGENT, FDCA AGENT #1, AGENT] 30s-50s, Male. They are all agents with the Federal Disease Control Authority...All 1 line, 1 scene (5), (32), (44) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

Source: SpoilerTV
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