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Episode 2.15 - 'Red Herring'

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Episode 2.15 - 'Red Herring'

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Dom 10 Jan 2010, 5:39 pm

Clique na guia spoiler para ler a sinopse.

Jane and his crew investigate the murder of a prominent chef, GABRIEL BARGE...

Jane e sua equipe investigam o assassinato de um proeminente chef, Gabriel Barge...

[ELIZA GREENE] Mid-late 30s... attractive, ambitious and capable, she was Gabriel's sous chef. Eliza loves her work and seems to admire Gabriel hugely, preferring to continue to work with him when her own dreams for a restaurant are dashed...GUEST STAR (2)

[ABIGAIL BARGE] Mid-late 30s, Caucasian or African American, business-minded, upper class, steady and strong-willed, she is Gabriel Barge's estranged wife and business partner, clearly wearied from years of marriage to an alcoholic workaholic. Abigail is facing mountains of debt and a failing restaurant in the wake of her husband's death...GUEST STAR (12)

[GENEVIEVE ST. GERMAIN] Mid-late 30s, aristocratic, moneyed, very attractive, entitled (the daughter of a senator), a professional chef, Genevieve is Arliss' wife and partner, and with him competes in Duesterberg's chef competition. She insists that the murdered chef, Gabriel Barge, was a friend and comrade, but it turns out that they were more than just friends sptv050769...GUEST STAR (2)

[ARLISS ST. GERMAIN] 40s, self-important, a professional chef and looks like one. He, along with his wife and partner Genevieve, is one of the chefs at Duesterberg's competition. He insists that the murdered chef, Gabriel Barge, was both a friend and comrade to him and his wife, but after learning of his wife's affair with Gabriel, he changes his tune...GUEST STAR (2)

[HANNAH] Mid-late 20s, Caucasian or Latin, tough and defensive, a professional chef, a punky, youthful beauty in chef's whites with tats running up her arms, she is one of the youngest winners of a prestigious chef's prize, and she is one of the competing chefs in Duesterberg's competition...GUEST STAR (1)

[BERNARD LUDO] 40s, French (with a slight French accent), thin and instinctively condescending, a true food aficionado, Ludo is a Paris-trained chef and he too is part of Duesterberg's competition...GUEST STAR (2)

[BERTRAM DEUSTERBERG] 50s, heavyset, he is hosting the top chef competition at his Napa Valley estate. Well-spoken, elegant, and obviously very well versed in his passion for gourmet food and its culture...GUEST STAR (1)

[KEVIN BARGE] Late 20s-early 30s, a tough screw-up, Kevin is Gabriel's ne'er-do-well younger brother and has a deep hatred and resentment towards Abigail. He resorts to some pretty erratic and illegal behavior in order to clear his deceased brother's name, and debts...GUEST STAR (12)

[HOWARD HORLICK] 40s, menacing, tough, unflappable, slickly dressed, Howard runs a marijuana dispensary, but his real business is loan sharking, among other unsavory businesses. He's completely unfazed by his visit from the cops, but he does give them an interesting clue to Gabriel's life...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (27)

[DON HENDRICKS] 40s-early 50s, Don is Abigail's no-nonsense high-end lawyer, who sits with her when she's interrogated at the police station...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (41)

[GABRIEL BARGE] Mid-late 30s, a brilliant chef, handsome, charming, considered a genius by some. The star of the Napa Valley culinary scene, Gabriel is murdered during a prestigious culinary competition...LARGE MULTI-DAY CO-STAR (1)

[MANAGER] Early-mid 30s, he is the manager of a medical marijuana store. Although a businessman, he probably partakes in his own product...5 lines, 1 scene.

[CORONER JIM NELMS] 50s, grumpy, he's the coroner who examines Gabriel's dead body...3 lines, 1 scene (6)

Source: SpoilerTV
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