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Mensagem por KristyAnne em Qua 09 Set 2009, 5:19 am

[ALEX] 35-50, seen in flashbacks in the mid-1980s, this is Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) father. Handsome, preferably blond, a con artist. On the surface, Jane’s father seems like a charming man, but underneath he is a Svengali-type with a nasty temper and overly-controlling of his son sptv050769. The two of them have a carnival act taking advantage of their mentalist tricks. Unaware that his gifted son is using his real abilities and not just the con, Alex becomes physically abusive when Young Jane becomes emotional and refuses to scam a dying girl and her grandmother...GUEST LEAD / POSSIBLY RECURRING (Cool PLEASE ALSO SUBMIT NAME ACTORS

[YOUNG JANE] 18 or over to play 16, HE IS SIMON BAKER AT AGE 16. Seen in flashback to 1986, 16 year old Jane is working as a psychic in carnivals, under the watchful eye of showman Alex, who has the blindfolded Young Jane "seeing" all sorts of hidden things about the gullible people in their various audiences. Extremely good at his job, using a mix of his natural ability and a conman's game, Young Jane is clearly leading a rough life with Alex, the only adult in his life, who comes down hard on him physically for being too kind-hearted to run a scam on a dying girl and her grandmother...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLY RECURRING (Cool ACTOR MUST RESEMBLE SIMON BAKER

Source: SpoilerTV
Mentalista Supremo
Mentalista Supremo

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