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Episode 2.11 - Rose-Colored Glasses

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Episode 2.11 - Rose-Colored Glasses

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Ter 10 Nov 2009, 10:05 pm

Jane and company investigate the murder of a man and his wife, on heir way to his fifteen year high school reunion where, clearly, the attendees haven't changed all that much...

Jane e companhia investigam o assassinato de um homem e sua mulher, a forma como herdeiro de sua reunião na escola de quinze anos de alta, onde, claramente, as pessoas não mudaram tanto assim...

[WILLA] 33, pretty, poised, well appointed. In high school, she was popular, a cheerleader, a champion debater and top of the school hierarchy. Now she is now the host of a successful daytime talk show in Chicago (think Katie Couric). Acting as the "reunion chair," she oversees the entire reunion and hopes certain secrets from high school have been forgotten...GUEST LEAD (5)
[D.A. GABE NISTICO] 33, Caucasian, Latin, or African American, well-dressed, warm, handsome, sincere, confident and affable, he is the D.A. in San Diego county, now running for Lieutenant governor. Gabe has returned home for his fifteen- year high school reunion. We later learn that Gabe has a secret he would like to keep under wraps; fearful of the damage it might do to his career...GUEST STAR (Cool

[L.J. KEELING] 33, a former high school football star, self-important, immature, oblivious to the fact that other people have feelings, he is still fond of reminiscing about the time he made five touchdowns for his high school team. He is a gregarious fellow, the type who believes in the life lessons taught by sports...GUEST STAR (5)

[PHIL RICHMOND] 33, he's a studious band member type who hasn't changed much since he was a teen, now on hand for his fifteen year high school reunion. Married with a son, he was ribbed by the jocks who referred to him as "Frogman." Though he tries to make light of it, he still carries a grudge towards those who bullied him...GUEST STAR (17) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[TERENCE BADALI] In his 40s, blue collar, tightly wound, not handsome, quick-tempered, a worker in an industrial warehouse. He is a suspect in the killing of his former fiancée and her husband...GUEST STAR (22)

[VICE PRINCIPAL JOSEPH DESOUZA] In his 60s, he is the Vice Principal of the high school where the high school reunion is being held. Obviously bored by the festivities, he's more than willing to assist the CBI with their investigation...GUEST STAR (33) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[KAY VICKERS] In her 50s, middle class, she is a woman who has clearly weathered her share of life's disappointments and because of that, has become slightly disassociated with some aspects of life. The mother of the murder victim, she speaks with Cho and Van Pelt about her son who had always been a "good clean honest boy," still bewildered as to how he got mixed up in a scandalous prank his last year of high school...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (15)

[TESS ARLEN] 18 or over to play 16, Caucasian, Latin, or African American, friendly, smart, mature, tactful, this charming young lady is a "student ambassador" at the high school reunion party...LARGE MULTI-DAY CO-STAR (5)

[STU MCALPINE] 33, slick and sleazy, he attends his high school reunion with a young bimbo on his arm...4 lines, 2 scenes (12)

[GRANT] 33, he is an inebriated ex-high school wrestler, now an office drone, on hand for his high school reunion...2 lines, 1 scene (4)

[GIRLFRIEND] Mid- 20s, sexy, a paid escort with a killer body, she is Stu's date for the reunion...2 lines, 1 scene (12)

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