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Episode 2.09 - A Price Above Rubies

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Episode 2.09 - A Price Above Rubies

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Qui 15 Out 2009, 1:02 pm

A jewel heist during a charity event leaves a man lingering near death -- but the investigation takes a bizare turn when the chief suspect winds up dead...

Um roubo de jóias durante um evento de caridade deixa um homem persistente perto da morte - mas a investigação toma um rumo bizarro quando as suspeitas recaem sobre o morto...


[ANDY OVERTON] 25-29, Caucasian, a slacker trust fund baby who hasn't found his calling yet, he has lived in his older brother George's shadow. He's the nephew of Esther Overton, a wealthy pillar of society whose family has owned a thriving jewelry business for over 150 years. When a charity event is interrupted by a violent robbery, he seems appalled -- but Jane later learns there may be a conniving and murderous alter-ego lurking under Andy's sweet exterior..sptv050769.GUEST STAR (2)

[GEORGE OVERTON] Mid-30s, Caucasian, wealthy, arrogant, well schooled. He is Andy's older brother and manages the family's jewelry empire with a firm hand. He becomes a prime suspect in a robbery and murder when secrets about his past, and connections to criminals, are revealed...GUEST STAR (7)

[ESTHER OVERTON] In her 50s, Caucasian, she's a wealthy blueblood with a formidable and frosty manner whose family has run a huge jewelry company for over 150 years. Initially leery of Jane during an investigation which involves her tennis pro husband, she later appreciates his candor and insight into her increasingly painful situation -- a crisis that brings her down a peg or two and reveals the human core underneath her frosty social veneer...GUEST STAR (1)

[TOMMY CULPEPPER] In his 40s, Caucasian, tough and imposing, but not a thug. This career criminal paid a visit to another crook shortly before that man is found murdered, making him a chief suspect in that murder, and also in a recent jewel heist. He and Jane clash during his interrogation, but Tommy's threats don't rattle Jane's composure one bit...GUEST STAR (18)

[CARL WARD] 50s, Caucasian, handsome, a former tennis pro. An art lover and ladies man, Carl married into money and a jewelry business when he married Esther...ONE DAY GUEST STAR

[CLINIC DIRECTOR] 37-50, Caucasian or East Indian, fit, new age, this pompous man is the director at a high-profile rehab clinic. Ironically, he may himself be a secret pill popper.sptv050769..ONE DAY GUEST STAR (33)

[DESK CLERK] 50s, Male, this gaunt, nicotine-stained chain smoker is the desk clerk at a seedy motel. Under Jane's almost mesmerizing influence, the fascinated Desk Clerk is able to recount a suspect's recent visit to the motel in amazing detail...MULTI-DAY CO-STAR / TWO REALLY NICE SCENES (14)

[POLICEMAN] 50s, Irish, overweight, possibly has a mustache, he is a state policeman in uniform who sings "Danny Boy" at a charity event...1 song, 1 scene (1) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[MIDDLE-AGED MAN] 45-55, of higher socioeconomic standing, he is shopping at a jewelry store for a present for his wife...1 line, 1 scene (38) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[UPS GUY] 30s-40s, Male, he makes a delivery at the jewelry store...1 line, 1 scene (39) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

Source: SpoilerTV

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