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The Mentalist: Red John & Romance Spoiler

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The Mentalist: Red John & Romance Spoiler

Mensagem por KristyAnne em Sex 04 Set 2009, 6:44 pm

I have some good news and some bad news for Mentalist fans. First the good news. It looks like there will be a top secret office romance. And the bad news is that Red John will remain elusive. Here’s what Michael Ausiello has to tell us about the new season:

Question: Can we have a Mentalist scoop to keep us going until the new season? I’m going through severe withdrawal. —Deborah

Ausiello: Series creator Bruno Heller confirms that Rigsby and Van Pelt “will take their courtship to the next level. We’ve been working toward this. The push and pull of should-they-or-shouldn’t-they is a big part of their dynamic in the office. But once they do take it to the next level, that presents a whole fresh set of problems for them: Who do they tell? Can they tell anyone? What happens when the bureau finds out?”

Question: Will they finally catch Red John this season on The Mentalist? —Amy

Ausiello: Not by a long shot. “I don’t foresee finding Red John,” Heller confesses. “I think finding Red John is a lifetime’s journey. But never say never.”

Fonte (Source): EW

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